Doubling down on our carbon neutral commitment

1 Nov,2022

Twelve months ago we announced that we’d gone carbon neutral. Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve re-confirmed that commitment by once again offsetting our carbon emissions for 2022.

Through our partnership with ClimatePartner, each year we go through a Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) audit. This calculates our business emissions from sources such as energy and heating, business travel, office supplies and everything else considered part of daily company practice. The final CCF calculation provides insight to where carbon emissions, within business practices, can be improved or removed entirely through positive change.

As a result, our recent business audit highlighted that our carbon footprint for 2022 was equivalent to 900,000 kg of CO2. We’ve now subsequently invested in recognised carbon offset projects in the Southern hemisphere to offset our total carbon footprint.

As we did last year, we’ve decided to continue supporting two main projects: Cleaning up our oceans and providing clean cookstoves, which also promote sustainable development and economic progress in these developing Southern hemisphere regions.


Carbon neutral company


Safe and clean cookstoves for people across Uganda

In Uganda, the majority of the population doesn’t have access to clean cooking facilities. As a result, many people cook over open fires using self-collected wood which stresses the environment as well as people’s health.

This carbon offset project provides energy-efficient biomass cookstoves to communities all over the country. These improved cookstoves use considerably less fuel and therefore reduce the amount of air pollution and environmental degradation while saving greenhouse gas emissions.

By August 2021, 34,971 cookstoves have been distributed in multiple cities and provinces in Uganda. The nationwide project prevents about 119,840 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year from being emitted.

ClimatePartner Clean Cookstoves

Protecting our oceans and enforcing ongoing regional commitments

The ocean stores a quarter of the CO2 from the atmosphere, making it a major brake on climate change. Warming, overfishing, pollutants and waste endanger this balancing function. Over 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the sea every year. Especially from developing countries who often lack infrastructure for proper waste disposal. Several initiatives prevent plastic waste from entering the sea and contribute to improving the livelihoods of the local people – thus indirectly protecting the climate.

Through solar energy power generation and wind farm support across India, the Philippines and Aruba, every tonne of CO2 offset enables the Plastic Bank initiative to stop 10kg of plastic waste entering the ocean.

Through the combination of these certified carbon offset projects, ClimatePartner helps us link guaranteed emission reductions, with regional commitments to protect our seas.

ClimatePartner Clean Oceans

Our continued net-zero journey…

Whilst carbon offsetting is a huge leap forward in doing our bit for the environment, our ultimate goal as a business is to become zero-carbon long term, with the short-term goal of halving our business footprint by 2028,

We continue our journey and look to implement smarter travel and office based environmental solutions to improve our carbon footprint. With each milestone we hit we’ll be sure to celebrate our efforts to making not just our workplace a better place, but also the world that we all live in.

Cathy Evans, Managing Director at Tactical Solutions commented, “Maintaining the sustainability of our planet is a common purpose for each and every one of us – no matter your wider business objectives. We know that our colleagues and the customers that we work with are equally as passionate about making the world a better place.”

ClimatePartner is an international leading solutions provider to corporate climate action, supporting over 4,000 companies globally to eradicate or offset their business CO2 emissions.

For more information about our Carbon Neutral journey click here.

Tactical Solutions Team