Going Green for Veganuary

10 Jan,2023

Veganuary encourages people to try living a vegan lifestyle for the entire month of January. Does what it says on the tin really.

Since the campaign’s launch in the UK in 2014, it has become well-known all over the world. Infact, over 629,000 people participated in Veganuary in 228 countries in 2022.

Going Green

The protection of animals themselves was cited as the primary motivation for trying veganism by more than 44% of those surveyed by Veganuary.

Another high-ranking reason for going Vegan in January was actually to live a healthier lifestyle (21%). A vegan diet can reduce your chances of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, and some cancers. Additionally, it can aid with digestive improvement and weight management.

The environmental advantages of veganism are another factor that influences people’s decisions (19%). A significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, and deforestation is animal agriculture, so where people can lessen their carbon footprint and contribute to environmental protection by making plant-based food choices they are making them.

As more individuals learn about the advantages of a vegan lifestyle, participation in Veganuary in the UK has steadily increased over the years and trend is set to continue in 2023.

But most of the time, it’s not all or nothing. In 2022, almost 74% of those who participated in Veganuary said that while they wouldn’t totally give up meat in the future, they would at least cut their intake in half.


Getting involved

For individuals who are taking part in Veganuary in the UK, there are numerous options available. A free Vegan Starter Kit is offered by Veganuary and contains recipes, meal planning, and advice on leading a vegan diet. Additionally, a lot of establishments across the nation offer vegan-friendly food, making it simpler than ever to obtain plant-based selections.

Overall, Veganuary is a fantastic chance for people to try out a vegan diet and learn about all the advantages it has to offer. Going vegan may be a satisfying and rewarding experience, whether it’s for health, environmental, or ethical reasons.


What does this mean for the UK grocery industry?

The rising recognition of Veganuary and the vegan lifestyle in general presents a sizable opportunity for businesses in the vegan food industry. The UK vegan food sector is expected to grow by 38% between 2015 and 2020, reaching a predicted value of £1.5 billion by 2025. As more individuals become aware of the ethical, environmental, and health advantages of a vegan diet, it is anticipated that this trend will continue.

Offering a wide variety of vegan-friendly products that cater to the interests and tastes of their target market can help brands take advantage of this potential. This could include prepared meals and snacks as well as plant-based substitutes for conventional animal-based goods like meat, dairy, and eggs. Brands must also make sure that their products are produced in an ethical and sustainable manner, since customers place a growing emphasis on this.

Bring on board a Tactical partner

There are several ways that field marketing can support brands during Veganuary and during major campaigns and seasonal holidays. Whether you’re looking for in-store support surrounding compliance and availability, to product demonstrations and sampling or just general merchandising – we have the people and presence to really give you that stand out in store.

Check out our services pages for more information about the range of support that we provide, or for a more personal consultation, please drop us a quick note about what your problem is and what support you require here – and we’ll be back to you in no time!