It’s the Six Nations Championship!

6 Feb,2020

[lead]The Six Nations Championship has come round once again and has got all rugby lovers riled up and excited for a month of sport![/lead]

During the various sporting events that take place in the UK, our local retailers can’t help but be swept up in the festivities thanks to not only increased spending but increased footfall caused by outsiders coming in to support their team. More customers, as well as more reasons to spend, calls for retailers to adapt and implement marketing in which will entice customers and ensure their sales and profit is replicating what will be a busy time.

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But what is the Six Nations Championship?

The Six Nations Championships is an international rugby competition which every year, involves teams hailing from England, France, Italy, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. The six countries in which take part in the Championship remains the same each year, however, that has not always been the case. The championship first began back in 1883, where only England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland took part. In 1910, France joined in which prompted a change of name to ‘The Five Nations’. It wasn’t until the beginning of the Millenium that Italy joined, making it the sporting event we know today. Currently, Wales are the current reigning champions, winning back in 2019. The championship officially started on February 1st, and the games are now underway.

How will Retailers get Involved?

From what we’ve seen in the past with the likes of the World Cup and Wimbledon, with popular sporting events comes reasons to celebrate. During the Six Nations, the idea of parties in which people throw for watching, celebrating and enjoying the event, seems to be a popular one. This calls for certain products to be the focus of in-store marketing to make sure retailers are reaping all the benefits during this time of expected increased spending. The three main staples we see taking over a lot of themed promotions during sporting events are Party Food, Drinks and Alcohol, as retailers are making sure to be the go-to for everyone’s essentials during the Six Nations – enticing customers and sustaining sales.

To ensure sales, marketing surrounding these products also do well when interlaced with visuals that can be associated with The Six Nations. This not only raises awareness of the event but attracts those who are looking to purchase their Six Nations party essentials. The combination of the before mentioned products of focus, as well as rugby themed visual marketing, will allow retailers to not only get in on the fun but take advantage of customer spends caused by the event.

All of this can be seen in the following promotional deals recently released by some of our favourites grocers:


Guinness Draught 2 for £9

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Image Retrieved from Tesco


Goodfellas Pizza for £2

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Image Retrieved from Asda

3 for £21 on Multibuy Beer Packs

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Image Retrieved from Asda


NEW Walkers Max Double Crunch now half price

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Image Retrieved from Morrisons

What can Tactical do?

Thanks to our in-store teams and analytical software, we can help your brand or store sustain effective displays and promotions which encourage all sports lovers to purchase their party essentials from you. We can monitor productivity and performance and with frequent in-store visits, ensure that you are truly taking advantage of times which induce increased spending.

Please Drink Responsibly.