Tactical’s James Ainger to Run the London Marathon in Support of Chester’s Neuro Therapy Centre!

28 Jun,2021

[lead] James Ainger, Business Unit Controller for Tactical Solutions is strapping on his best running shoes as this October he’ll be completing the London Marathon in support of the Neuro Therapy Centre in Chester.[/lead]

Here at Tactical Solutions, our teams make us proud everyday for the work they do for our clients and the smashing service they provide. This week, we’re giving a special shout out to Business Unit Controller James Ainger who is extending his dedicated and committed work ethic to help raise money for Chester’s own Neuro Therapy Centre that works with individuals that suffer with long-term neurological conditions such as MS, Parkinson’s, MND and ME.

We sat down with James to see how he’s feeling about the upcoming race and why the Neuro Therapy Centre is so close to his heart.

Hi James! What’s been your motivation to complete the London Marathon and raise money for the Neuro Therapy Centre?

The last eighteen-months have been a real challenge for many of us, having to deal with the consequences caused by Covid-19, as well as lockdowns and job uncertainty. However, I realised that some people face challenges every single day when either themselves or a loved one is diagnosed with long-term neurological conditions such as MS, Parkinson’s, MND and ME. I decided that I wanted to get fit and do good and was lucky enough to be offered a place to run in the London Marathon this year.

I was inspired by how the Neuro Therapy Centre reaches out and supports over 500 people a year who have to cope with their condition every day across North Wales, Cheshire and the Wirral.

The Centre creates tailored fitness, exercise, and physiotherapy programmes to help people who have been recently diagnosed or living with a neurological condition for some time. They need to raise £10,000 a week to run the centre that reaches out to over 500 Members each year.  Just £15 will provide a physio session for one individual!



That’s amazing James, a truly deserving cause. Have you ever run a marathon before or is this going to be a new challenge for you?

I’ve run the York Marathon in 2016 and 2017 but had to put my running shoes away for a bit as my wife and I started a family – running after a baby and toddler took all my time.

What training will you be doing and who is your biggest motivator?

I am following a 14-week training plan which requires 4 runs per week and two gym sessions. I’ve decided to really commit and give up alcohol as well, which makes everybody who knows me laugh.

I’ve already noticed a big difference in my training, but it’s a huge commitment with the Euros, holidays and BBQs all taking place in the next 14 weeks! Mrs A is definitely helping me stick to the programme. She’s taken over the school run so I can get the morning miles in and has made life much easier. I have started including my son in the first part of my Sunday runs as well. We do a quick round the block before I drop him off back at home and go on to the serious stuff!

It’s brilliant that the whole family is getting involved! Tell us a bit more about the charity you’re raising funds for?

All the money we raise will be going straight to the Neuro Therapy Centre. It costs £10,000 per week just to keep the centre running. The cost of an individual physio session is £15 which I thought is a good bite-size amount to donate. I only need 66 people to donate that and I will hit my target!

Excellent news! Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us James, and all of us here at Tactical Solutions are wishing you the best of luck with your training!

If you’d like to support James and his endeavour to raise money for such an amazing cause,
click here to find out more about the Neuro Therapy Centre and how you can go about donating!