More 2019 Christmas Previews We’re Excited About

23 Aug,2019

[lead]Just to spread even more Christmas joy in August, we think one blog post isn’t enough to show our excitement for some of 2019’s upcoming festive products.[/lead]

That’s right folks, we’re back again bringing you some more sneak peeks at what our favourite retailers will be releasing this Christmas.

Waitrose – The Giant Jaffa Cake Dessert

giant jaffa dessert waitrose
Image Retrieved from The Grocer

For many, chocolate and orange is a match made in heaven. Waitrose seemed to have kicked it up a notch with their Giant Jaffa Cake dessert. With layers of whipped chocolate mousse laced with a hint of clementine, rich chocolate cake and a layer of classic orange jelly, this will definitely be an after-dinner favourite.

Ocado – Pinkster Royale

pinkster gin ocado christmas
Image Retrieved from The Grocer 

Yet another brand doing their bit for the environment, Pinkster’s have released this delicious fruit liqueur made from gin-soaked recycled raspberries which have been sourced from local farms. Using the leftover raspberries helps towards the aim of zero waste. This gorgeous, magenta beverage from the well-known gin provider is going to be a Christmas day essential; sweetening up every prosecco and G&T.

Tesco – Brie & Cranberry Garland

tesco brie cranberry garland christmas
Image Retrieved from The Grocer

Nothing says Christmas like festive garlands, cheese, cranberries and sharing. Well, this particular anticipated release includes all four! The Brie and Cranberry Garland is a part of Tesco’s Christmas sharing range and consists of a buttery pastry stuffed with zingy cranberries and creamy brie – topped with nutty toasted pumpkin seeds which ensure a burst of flavour in every bite.

Waitrose – Heston from Waitrose Fig & Port Cheese Cake

fig cheese cake waitrose
Image Retrieved from The Grocer 

This may look like a cheese suitable for a festive cheeseboard, but looks can be deceiving! This is actually Waitrose’s Fig and Port Cheese Cake, issued with its own lemon shortbread cheeseboard. This is a product we’re loving due to its uniqueness; consisting of a soured cream cheesecake with a mouth-watering fig and port centre. An impressive addition to your food table, we expect this one to be a customer favourite throughout the festive season.