Popular Food Trends for 2020

11 Feb,2020

[lead] 2019 was a big year for food and drink, but we think 2020 is going to be even bigger![/lead]

Last year, we saw a lot of reoccurring trends in the food and drink industry as more and more of us hopped onto bandwagons and began filling our shopping baskets with what social media was telling us was the next big thing. So, just to get ahead of the race, we thought we’d take a look at what 2020 might have in store for food trends, and what we can expect to see filling up the shelves at our favourite grocers. Let’s take a look!

Plant-Based Food on the Rise…Again

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Amongst all the environmental discourse and those realising the detrimental effects that our eating habits are having on the planet, along came the focus on all the delicious things we can eat that involve nothing but things grown from the earth. The increase in popularity seen surrounding veganism and plant-based eating has been seen to be taken on by many of our favourite brands and retailers. With big names like Greggs and KFC taking on the meat-free life, we can only expect bigger things for 2020. Including more restaurants catering to those who are changing their diets, as well as the additional 600,000 of us who have turned to a vegan diet.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

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In the UK, we put quite a lot of focus on alcohol and as a country, statistics show that we do like a drink. But as we talk more about alcohol, its negative effects of misuse and overconsumption also come to light. This is being tackled within the rise of non-alcoholic drinks. 2020 will be the year of seeing how adventurous we can get with our drinks, whilst stemming away from the traditional liquor and spirits. Nowadays, it’s all about aesthetics. With more of a focus on how cool we can make our drinks look rather than it’s alcohol content, we’ll be seeing drinks with more interesting flavours and less alcohol content.


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Whilst on the topic of the rising popularity of certain drinks, ‘Seltzer’ has seemed to have made its way into the top trends of recent years. With its popularity, we’ve also seen the introduction to wilder and more adventurous flavours which have seemed to replace the likes of sugary, boozy cocktails. With their low sugar and low-fat qualities being an added benefit, we’re sure we’ll be seeing this fizzy alternative in the spotlight in the upcoming months.

CBD This, CBD That

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Back in May, we released a blog post in which explored the growing popularity of CBD products, and for 2020, we’re expecting to see it grow even more. With this cannabis-related product working its way into every sector imaginable, it’s involvement in food and drink is set to just get more prevalent. Along with the trend of health and well-being, the somewhat taboo focus on this cannabis-related ingredient is set to be infused into even more products in UK supermarkets this year as the general public are drawn in by its uniqueness.

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