Pringles mingles in the aisle

3 Mar,2022

Results driven not by snack-cident

Pringles has been a fabulous, family favourite for over 50 years and as one of the leading brands owned by Kellogg’s, the crispy snack is sold on promotion around 26 weeks of the year.


Bespoke in aisle POS display for Pringles

As a product that falls outside of the planned HFSS legislation, currently scheduled for October 2022, it’s crucial that Kellogg’s continues to maximise its visibility and sales potential once it gets bumped off the gondola ends.

Working in partnership with Kellogg’s, we provided a solution to do just that. We set about redistributing the product throughout the main aisle, increasing space and share of shelf within the Crisps & Snacks fixture and launched a bespoke POS element (2,296 pieces across 277 stores) which ensured the product retained that real stand out in aisle that it would otherwise gain from the gondola end space.

Data driven people power

Moving product from one location to another wasn’t the only answer here – it was our people, armed with cutting-edge tablets that enable them to capture data and drive efficiencies.

Our EPoS data tracks sales performance vs expectation at individual SKU levels. We analyse the output of everything we do at store, item, territory, and sales manager level. This allows us to coach our reps to drive maximum value for the brand.

By analysing the data we can identify the biggest opportunities to drive compliance, availability and store interventions and use this information to develop dynamic calls to action for our field team to ensure they visit the right store at the right time.

We can even use our data to put in place special plans where stores have been affected by the pandemic and seen big uplifts in online sales or those stores which are most effected by domestic holidays.

The tactical solution

Find out how our field teams and powerful technology could arm you with the insights you need to make the big calls over the next few months and beyond.

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