Products We Spotted in Store for Easter 2019: Trends This Year

27 Feb,2019

The next big date in the UK retail calendar is Easter. Falling on the 21st April this year, we still have a couple of months to prepare but the shops have already filled their shelves! In fact, ever since the January sales departed, we’ve been seeing stacks and stacks of eggs across retailers in the UK. In today’s blog post, we’re going to take a look at some up and coming trends and themes in this Easter 2019’s product offering.

We headed in-store to check out the products for Easter 2019

Our team visited the UK’s top supermarkets this week to check out some in-store Easter 2019 displays. Of course, there’s no proof without a few photos! Here are some of the products we spotted to give you an idea of what’s up and coming in the world of Easter eggs this year. As always, there are the old classics which are guaranteed to be on the shelves as well as some new trends that we think will be big news over the season. Here’s what we spotted…

Creating excitement with packaging

First and foremost, we’re seeing a lot of great packaging this year. This probably sounds like a no-brainer, as we know consumers really do judge a book by its cover when it comes to product packaging. One of our favourites is the Terrys Chocolate Orange popping candy special. The brand has taken its iconic orange foil wrapper as a teaser to consumers, only needing to show a tiny portion. We also love the artwork on the product which really embraces the ‘Exploding Candy’ concept.

terrys choc orange

Focusing on the product itself

Sometimes, elaborate packaging is not necessary. With the Chokablok’s Cherry Bakewell Explosion egg, the transparent plastic front allows the product to do the talking. This packaging is a perfect example of how putting time into perfecting a niche and gourmet product can really speak for itself and doesn’t need to be covered up by over-the-top packaging. It really is up to the brand how they’d like to deliver this strategy; if your product looks as good as some artistic packaging then why not show it off?

chokablok egg

Taking advantage of emerging trends and demographics

We all know that veganism is on the rise and we’re sure 2019 will be full of new plant-based products making headlines. Greggs sausage roll, we’re looking at you! Along with more people trying out the vegan lifestyle, we’re also seeing increases in the availability of gluten-free, nut-free and egg-free products for those with intolerances and allergies. For obvious reasons, the two demographics go hand in hand. This Kinnertons egg is the perfect example of a product that’s really embracing this new market. We’re expecting to see a lot more of these products on mainstream shelves this year!

kinnerton egg

Taking a chance on ‘love it or hate it’ products

Not all Easter eggs are going to appeal to the masses. However, there is a huge fan base of Marmite out there and we know that the die-hard ones will appreciate this controversial gift set. As well as the usual fans treating themselves, this is a great present for that person in your family who is obsessed with Marmite. We all have one! We also love the clever play on the egg theme, introducing a breakfast concept. It’ll certainly get people talking and the iconic black and yellow colours already stand out on shelves.

marmite egg

Pleasing with fan favourites

Sometimes, it’s worth not taking a risk and simply going with the product that you know will sell well. The Orange Smarties variation has been a massive hit over recent years. Now, Nestle has dedicated an Easter 2019 set to the popular chocolate. The bold, orange packaging stands out immediately, along with the instantly recognisable Smarties logo. There’s no need for frills or clever tactics with this one: the Orange Smarties are a fan favourite and will automatically attract loyal consumers, as well as those wanting to try something new!

orange smarties eg

Educational products to appeal to parents

Often times, we think that chocolate Easter eggs are reserved for the familiar chocolate brands, only. This simply isn’t true! Many more brands are starting to take advantage of any holiday they can, with Easter 2019 being a huge opportunity. This rings particularly true with brands aimed at children and families, such as Crayola. This Crayola Easter egg, teaming up with confectionary brand Kinnerton, combines an educational product (colouring-in) with the typical chocolate offering. Parents may be more likely to purchase this if they’re looking for something more than a sugary treat for their little ones. They get double the product for their money here!

crayola egg

Look out for our next blog post! We’ll be discussing the impact of Easter on retail sales, including some stats from last year and our expectations for 2019. As always, if you’d like your brand to make an impact in-store like the eggs in this post, get in touch to see how we can put a strategy into place.