Tactical’s February Round-Up

2 Mar,2020

[lead]When compared to how much January dragged, February has truly flown by![/lead]

And as per usual, we thought you might like to know what exactly Tactical have been up to in this very busy month. Take a look!

11th February – We Explored 2020 Food Trends

vegan food tasty salad 1

We kicked off February by exploring some of our Food Trend predictions for 2020. Many involved current trends just being taken to the next level, but some proved to be quite unexpected! Click here to go and take a look!

13th February – We introduced some of our Client Team and their furry pals

beagle tactical love pet 2

Mid-February, we were very eager to spread the word about the upcoming Love Your Pet Day. With this said, we thought we’d use the upcoming day to introduce some of our Client Team, as well as their furry loved ones. It did mean having to look at dog pictures for a good portion of our day, and obviously we loved every minute of it. Click here to take a look for yourself!

14th February – Tactical on the Big screen in Waterloo Station!

gu tactical waterloo

We’re sure you’ve heard of the dessert brand Gü, who make delicious desserts perfect for an after-meal treat. On Valentine’s Day, Gü Puds got into the spirit by releasing specially themed packs adorned love song lyrics that cleverly replaced the word ‘You’ with ‘GU’. For example, “I’m in love with the shape of Gu.

Taking this marketing stunt even further, they took to social media to challenge people to share their own using the hashtag #GuValentinesPacks. Tactical took it upon themselves to tweet “I love it when GÜ call me senorita”, and they only went and put us on their billboard in Waterloo Station – love it!

20th February – Dogs take over the office for Love your Pet Day!

milo tactical doggo lottie tactical cute doggo

And so Love Your Pet Day arrived, and so did office pandamonium! In the spirit, we opened our office doors to our team’s dogs who took over the office for the morning.

21st February – In-store filming

tactical filming in store e1582643898949

And we calmed down from all the office dog excitement, we got to work filming an in-store video. We love out of office days like this, and can’t wait to show you the results. Make sure to keep an eye out on our social channels!

24th February – A Visit from Health Shield

achievement activity adolescent arms 347135

We ended the month on a high, with a little visit from Health Shield – a firm who dedicate their time to ensure the health and wellbeing of staff.  They treated the Tactical team to a few webinars to reaffirm the benefits available to them through being an employee at Tactical Solutions which ranged from prescription charge claims to discounts on shoes!

And that was February! We’ll see you in March.