Tactical’s Retail Calendar 2020

29 Jan,2020

[lead]Although January feels like it has been 3 months long, we’re only in the first month of the new year, and what a year we’ve got in store![/lead]

So, January is almost up and we’ve already celebrated a few events that have had retailers preparing and taking advantage of increased spending. New Year’s Day, Burns Night and Chinese New Year have already been and gone, but not to worry, we have a hell of a year ahead of us which will keep retailers on their toes. Come and take a look at Tactical’s Retail Calendar for 2020!


Valentine’s Day – Friday 14th

On this lovey-dovey holiday, we’ll most likely be seeing the usual chocolates, flowers and cuddly toys being marketed at loved up couples – as well as some out of the box, alternative valentines ideas that will be sure to entice customers.

valentines sweets

Shrove Tuesday – Tuesday 25th

Otherwise known as Pancake Day, where we’ll be seeing retailers marketing everything you’ll need to whip up something delicious including ingredients, toppings, ready-made mixes and kitchen utensils.

SuperBowl NFL – Sunday 2nd

Although over the pond, retailers won’t miss out on supplying those watching it in the UK with the perfect snack food, party decorations, drinks and alcoholic beverages for those all-important watching parties and sporting celebrations.


Six Nations Rugby – 1st February to 14th March

St. Patricks Day – Tuesday 17th March

An Irish holiday celebrated all around the world, we will be expecting retailers to not only provide their customers with everything they need to party in style, like food and drink, but also look the part whilst they submerge themselves into the holiday.

Mothers Day – Sunday 22nd March

A period of guaranteed increased spending, we’ll be expecting retailers to provide customers with everything they need to treat their deserving mothers. This will include themed promotions and targeted marketing on event-specific products, as well as a push towards the usual gifts like flowers, alcohol and chocolate.


Easter Sunday – Sunday 12th April

Around this time, it will be all about the Easter Eggs and Easter-themed chocolate – so be expecting lots of pastel colours, bunnies and spring chickens floating about and interlaced within promotional marketing. Easter is a very food-related holiday, so we’ll also be expecting other traditional foods to be marketed such as hot cross buns, lamb and other Sunday roast staples.

egg easter sunday hunt 1

London Marathon – Sunday 26th April

To get people in the sporting spirit, we can expect retailers to be supporting the nation in their physical endeavour by focusing their marketing and promotions on healthy food and healthy eating, sports equipment and clothing.

Easter Monday Bank Holiday – Monday 13th April


Ramadan – Thurs 23rd April to Sat 23rd May

During this Muslim Holiday, retailers like to focus on the feasting aspects of the festivities, marketing traditional food and using marketing to educate others to get everyone in on the fun.

FA Cup Final – Saturday 23rd May

Bank Holiday – Friday 8th May

As the weather is starting to get warmer, retailers will be adapting their marketing to ensure that they are the go-to for families who are spending the bank holiday together. Picnic food, baking essentials, outdoor play equipment and even big night in meal deals may be the focus of their promotions, whilst working on sustaining their convenience for the general public.


EURO 2020 – Fri 12th June to Sun 12th July

Wimbledon 2020 – Mon 29th June to Sun 12th July

man son fishing water 1

Father’s Day – Sunday 21st June

Another period of guaranteed increased spending, we will be expecting retailers to adapt their marketing once again to not only to remind their customers of the upcoming event but to provide them with everything they need to celebrate Father’s Day. This will include promotions and targeted marketing on event-specific products, as well as a push towards the usual gifts like clothing, alcohol and chocolate.


Back to School

To become the go-to for all parents and carers who are getting their children ready to go back to school, retailers will begin to market the essentials pretty early on. We’ll be seeing a lot of specific products like uniforms, stationery and lunch box essentials being promoted in order to reap the benefits of this time of expected increased spending.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Tokyo 2020 Olympics – Fri 29th July to Sun 9th Aug


Freshers Month

Retailers will utilise Fresher’s Week by focusing their marketing on student essentials which can range from home furnishings, tech, food and alcohol.

students freshers laugh0fun 1

Organic September – Tues 1st – 30th September

An event that gets the nation thinking about their food habits, retailers will be placing focus on marketing organic products to raise awareness and urge customers to try new things.


Curry Week – 7th to 13th October

An annual event, retailers will definitely be adapting their promotions to urge customers to join in with the fun; advertising their curry range, as well as specific ingredients and recipes to help increase sales and raise awareness.

Chocolate Week – 14th to 20th October

Celebrating all things chocolate, we’re predicting that retailers will obviously be drawing attention to not only the event but their chocolate range to ensure that people are truly getting into the spirit. But, we’re pretty sure they won’t need much persuasion.

Halloween – Saturday 31st October

A favourite holiday for many of us, it also proposes many opportunities for retailers to reap the benefits of this time of increased spending. Trick or Treat Sweets, Pumpkins, Costumes and fun Halloween food – local retailers can provide you with the essentials for a brilliant Halloween.


Vegan Month

This event is a great excuse for retailers to promote their vegan range, as well as raise awareness of veganism and its benefits.

vegan food tasty salad 1

Bonfire Night – Thursday 5th November

During Autumn, it’s all about seasonal fruit and veg, as well as the traditions that surround it. Retailers, at this time, can focus their marketing around Bonfire Night due to the many essentials those celebrating it will need. Sparklers, party food, decorations will all be on our shopping lists.

Diwali – Saturday 14th November

This Hindu festival will call for retailers to advertise all their best party essentials – adapting their marketing to not only educate and raise awareness but get everyone into the spirit of Diwali thanks to traditional foods and recipes.


Christmas Day – Friday 25th December

The most wonderful time of year will require, as we know, a lot of preparation for the period of increased spending. Thanks to Christmas and its gift-giving traditions, there is no department that shouldn’t be in focus. From food to clothing, from tech to decorations, everything should be strategically marketed to fully reap the benefits.

Boxing Day – Sat 26th December

Three words – Boxing Day Sales! It will be at this time that we see our favourite grocers using visual marketing to make sure everyone is aware of their discounts and promotions.

New Year’s Eve – Thursday 31st December

Retailers will be very aware that we will all need the facilities to ring in the new year. This calls for party food, alcohol and great party decor. This will obviously be the foundations of their marketing for around this time.

In Review…

So as you can see we’ve got a busy year ahead! But not to worry, Tactical Solutions is here for every event and holiday to make sure your brand is truly benefitting from the instances increased spending.