Top marks for two – Our October Heroes

6 Nov,2021

What’s better than announcing our October Hero? Well, announcing that this month we actually have two!

A huge congratulations to Eamir Shah (Quorn Solus Team Member & Training Ambassador) and Sally Hodgkinson (Campaign Co-ordinator). Individually our Heroes have put in a mighty effort to get the job done, letting no obstacle or villain in their path stop them from their mission.

Eamir Shah

Eamir does a lot of incredible things for Tactical Solutions, but particularly this month he was nominated for his first-class approach in supporting the new starters on our Quorn account. During October he provided training and support to each one of them and we know with the skills and knowledge he has equipped them with, they really are going to fly. Alongside this Eamir’s dedication in sending out weekly retailer focus reports to the Quorn Solus team and ISS team makes a big difference in driving results for the business.

Eamir has embarked on further training and development to become a training ambassador.

Asking Eamir why he does what he does, he commented, “I just love the diversity, meeting new people and building on existing relationships. I aim to smash it out of the park every day, but equally I know that there is always tomorrow.

“It feels good to know that my efforts are noticed and appreciated.”

Sally Hodgkinson 

Like a true tiger, Sally will let nothing stop in her in her tracks when she has a target. Sally received numerous shout outs from across the Group, recognising her Quality Control efficiency and going above and beyond in supporting team members outside of her main job role.

Sally’s secret weapon is certainly her personality, as she looks to embed herself into the wider Dee Set team, knowing that she has the support of her colleagues to get the results she needs when the going gets tough. Sally is a true leader and knowing what lies ahead of a busy upcoming period, she will play a fearsome role in making sure we achieve the results we need.

Holding Sally still, for just one second, she said “I have worked at Tactical Solutions for 5 years now. The work is varied, but the main draw is the people – everyone here is lovely and very helpful.

“Being recognised as one of the October Heroes is very gratifying and makes me even more determined to get things done.”


We mustn’t forget… when the Avengers come together they really are unstoppable, and in October we give our thanks and appreciation to those other team members, nominated and recognised by their peers, for the way they approach their work and go above and beyond to support the TS team:

Emily Parry  |  Mark Friedl  |  Matt Blencowe  |  Katie Horton  |  Dave Veno  |  Carwyn Jones  |  Chris Skelding  |  Ian Mullinger

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