2021 – The Year of British ‘Staycations’

18 May,2021

[lead] As the end of lockdown seems to be just around the corner, everyone has their next holiday destination on their mind.[/lead]

It’s true to say that we’ve had one hell of a year and a half and as the UK continues to travel down Boris Johnson’s roadmap, there seems to be a bright light at the end of the tunnel!

caravan staycation travel

But although the UK seems to be on the road to recovery, the same cannot be said for the rest of the world, which makes some of us nervous about the idea of travelling or planning our 2021 summer holiday. That said, British breaks and mini holidays are more appealing than ever.

Introducing the British Staycation!

Tactical Solutions are here to give you the lowdown on this latest trend and how brands can also hop on the bandwagon and use it to their advantage.

Firstly, What is a Staycation?

If you hadn’t already guessed, Staycation is a combination of ‘stay’ and ‘vacation’ and cleverly puts a title to the trips and holidays that people take that don’t involve going abroad.

A ‘Staycation’ can be anywhere from your back garden to a few hundred miles down the motorway and can provide that needed escapism and be just as relaxing as any holiday abroad!

As the popularity of the Staycation concept continues to soar, many vacation homes and travel companies are fixing up their marketing and prepping their sites for an influx of guests.

Whilst the travel industry does everything it can to benefit from this new trend born out of COVID, how can other brands from various industries also get in on the fun?

suitecase packing vacation hat essentials

How can brands get involved?

No matter your brand or industry, there are plenty of ways that you too can get involved and use products that will simultaneously provide consumers with the means to have the best Staycation ever and springboard your sales and brand awareness.

Themed Products & Staycation Essentials

The Staycation is all about making the most of British Summer in many of the UK’s most popular holiday destinations. And as Staycationers hit the supermarkets, using this as a focus could help ensure that your products are on top of everyone’s list when getting ready for their Staycation – whether they’re packing a picnic basket or a suitcase.

Staycation products of focus may include:

  • Tropical/Summer Fruits infused food & drink products – exclusive products that are perfect for summer and for bringing home all of our favourite tastes from abroad
  • Pushing for loungewear and comfy clothes perfect for a “down the road” trip
  • Treat yourself/Self-care products i.e face masks (An area that has certainly gained traction during lockdown)
  • Outdoor games & activities that are fun for all the family
  • Portable Technology for the road – just to name a few!

Ensuring Product Availability

Whilst the theme of the Staycation surrounds enjoying British summertime we can expect a large focus to be on seasonal treats, picnic food, and of course, bits that would perfectly fill a fridge in a holiday home.

As food and seasonal treats fly off the shelves, distribution and availability are crucial for sustaining a high number of sales and truly taking advantage of the buzz caused by Staycations. Busy shoppers getting ready for their mini-break won’t be able to buy your products if the shelves remain empty!

That said, focusing your energy on maintaining stock levels as well as shelf availability should be top priority during this time. By using the teams here at Tactical, we can use our bespoke technology to track live store data which pinpoints stores in which stock and performance is low, allowing us to make in-store visits to correct the situation. This way, your brand and products can always be performing at their fullest potential and reaping all the benefits of the guaranteed increased Staycation spending.

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Themed visual merchandising

Once you’ve got your promotions and/or your products of focus, as a brand, you should be pairing it with show-stopping themed marketing and in-store visual merchandising to perform at your fullest potential. This will also let your customers know that you are all about the latest trend, there to help them have the best experience possible and that your product belongs right there in their shopping trolley.

Applying Staycation themed marketing and visual merchandising will not only help your products stand out amongst the rest in-store, but it will also help to catch the attention of the flurry of customers who will be shopping for all of their Staycation essentials.

The Staycation is going to be an escapist outlet for all of us who have felt the pressures of lockdown, so be sure to push your theme wherever you can using bright and attractive FSDUs, eye-catching, fully stocked shelves and POS marketing to further push any Staycation promotions or themed products.

What can Tactical do for you?

To ensure that all of your themed visual merchandising and Staycation products and promotions are getting the traction they deserve, Tactical can use their bespoke technology, like Reapp, to act on your brand’s behalf. With access to live store data, we can monitor your products, promotional performance and ensure the upkeep of your attention-grabbing in-store marketing.

Using Reapp, the Tactical Team can automatically pinpoint which stores need our attention and then be an active presence in-store through data-led calls – saving both precious time and money. We can make sure everything is in tip-top shape and that your brand and products are continuing to perform at their fullest potential – especially whilst the topic of Staycation is on everyone’s lips!

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