Are You Ready for May Day Bank Holiday?

29 Apr,2021

[lead]Ever since COVID came around, our lives have had to adapt to lockdowns, restrictions and a new way of living.[/lead]

But what COVID hasn’t stopped is all of us looking forward to public holidays like this May Day coming up on May 3rd.

bank holiday garden party

Bank holidays are a much loved and awaited time for everyone across the country as it provides us with an opportunity to kick back, relax and spend some quality time with our loved ones.

It also brings about an opportunity for stores and brands to take advantage of the increased number of shoppers hitting the high street and filling their basket with all the bank holiday essentials.

With many stores just beginning to re-start their businesses after the easing of restrictions on April 12th, it’s vital that they recognise the opportunities brought about by the bank holiday and the importance of being fully prepared for the increased footfall and guaranteed spending.

But how exactly can brands make sure that sales are reflecting Bank Holiday shopping habits?

Bank Holiday-themed FSDUs

Like every other annual holiday and event, a bank holiday brings about a surge of purchases for a particular range of products as shoppers try to prepare for a perfect weekend.

As the perfect weekend is subjective to each shopper, products in high demand each time a bank holiday rolls around stretches across many categories. From food, drinks and alcohol to clothing, garden accessories and toys – there is plenty of opportunities for your brand to get in on the bank holiday fun, no matter what you sell.

retail calendar shopping

That said, once you have a product of focus, one of the best ways to make that product stand out is to present them using Free Standing Display Units (or FSDUs). FSDUs can not only be designed especially for the bank holiday, but they can also push ‘event exclusivity’ to your shoppers, making them aware that this is a bank holiday essential that they won’t want to miss.

FSDUs can be strategically placed around the store and made to be on brand, visually appealing and fit for the current event so your products can have every chance to be snapped up by shoppers in a rush to make this the best bank holiday yet.

To ensure that you’re getting the most out of your FSDUs, speak to Tactical today!

Maintaining availability and stock levels

With most people off work and children out of school, bank holidays mean more shoppers out and about. This of course means a guaranteed increased footfall within store.

More shoppers in-store means maintaining your availability and stock levels has never been more important. As your perfectly marketed bank holiday products fly off the shelves, it’s vital that they continue to be available through attentive monitoring and a maintained stock level. How else will you continue to encourage a high number of sales?

shopping shelves food

Here at Tactical, we use bespoke technology and data-led calls to keep a close eye on your stock levels and ensure, in person, that shelves are fully stocked with your products.

Information made readily available via Reapp means Tactical can identify stores in which your products are running low and visit the targeted location to implement immediate action. This way, your shelves are constantly replenished, your stock levels are high, and when close to events such as this May bank holiday, your buyers are satisfied.

Point of Sale (POS) Marketing for Bank Holiday Promotions

The weeks leading up to a bank holiday call for bank holiday promotions and specialised products to ensure you’re attracting customers and boosting those sales.

Alongside your designated space on the shelves, a mixture of themed promotions and Point of Sale marketing is a great way to attract the attention of your customers.

Shoppers looking for those all-important bank holiday essentials are going to be on the hunt for the perfect product and the best deal, so marketing using methods such as Customer Display Units and Aisle Fins tells the customer exactly where to find it. It allows you to stand out from the crowd and further encourage customers to slip you into their trolley.

Calling in Team Tactical

To make sure that you’re fully prepared for the bank holiday and implementing the aforementioned methods in the most efficient way, you need to call in the teams at Tactical Solutions.

Our team of experts will use our bespoke technology like Reapp to work with live store data and keep on top of your product performance and maintain show-stopping in-store marketing. Members of our dedicated team can act on your behalf and ensure your products are performing at their fullest potential and raking in the sales you deserve – especially at times of guaranteed increased spending.

To make sure your brand is prepped for this bank holiday and all the bank holidays to come, contact Tactical Solutions today!