5 Must-Have Products for This Summer

9 Jul,2019

[lead]As of yet, the weather’s not been promising. But just in case the sun decides to treat us to Ibiza temperatures, we have to be prepared.[/lead]

So, in preparations for the possible upcoming scorcher, we’ve designated 5 must-have products that we think are going to be hot sellers in the summer months, and that are available at your favourite local supermarkets. Some food, some drink and some accessories, all of them add up to a great day out in the sun. 

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1. Quorn Ultimate Burger

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Image Retrieved from Quorn

Everyone loves a good summer BBQ. Having the right food is crucial and today, the food available is fabulously inclusive. This summer, make your BBQ vegan or vegetarian by cooking up the tastiest meat-free treats, many of which can be provided by Quorn. One of our favourites is the Quorn Ultimate Burger. Packed with flavour, it belongs on a soft squishy bun, topped with fresh salad and a lashing of cheese and sauce. As well as being totally meat free, we think it’s a summer BBQ essential. Available at most of your favourite supermarkets.

2. Hortus Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueur

lidl gin hortus tactical

Image Retrieved from Lidl

We are fully on board with the latest trend of Pink Gin. This summer, you don’t have to settle for the standard. Many stores and brands are opting for a more unique take on flavours. One of our main favourites is Lidl’s own Hortus’ Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueur – pretty and pink with a whole new level of flavour. As it’s a liqueur, it has a much sweeter aftertaste than your usual gin, making it a perfect component for cocktails. We recommend it over ice, topped up with lemonade and a sprinkling of frozen summer berries. Best served with lots of sunshine and a weekend jam-packed with a whole lot of nothing. Available at Lidl.
Please drink responsibly.

3. Environmentally Friendly Metal Straws


Image Retrieved Sainsbury’s

This one isn’t edible, but after supermarkets like Waitrose adhering to environmental issues,  who wouldn’t want their summer party to be a green and environmentally friendly one? Move over paper straws, we’re loving metal. They’re reusable, they’re fashionable and they certainly do not contribute to waste pollution. They’re easy to clean and can add that certain pizazz to your summer cocktail. Although an essential summer accessory, they’re fab to use all year round! Available at Sainsbury’s.

4. Rekorderlig Blackberry And Violet Cider

Violet Rekorderlig
Image Retrieved from Tesco

These days, cider is no longer about crisp Granny Smiths. Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen a multitude of interesting and unique flavours, many that are perfect for the summer palette. Our personal favourite and one we’ve seen all over social media is Rekorderlig’s Blackberry and Violet Cider. Different to anything we’ve seen, it has a sweet but distinct taste, complemented by a refreshing fizz. With an aftertaste which is extremely close to Parma Violets, its floral notes serve as a fun addition to any garden party. Available at Tesco.
Please drink responsibly.

5. ASDA Unicorn Ice-Cream

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Image Retrieved from Asda

They do exist! Well in ice-cream form they do. Asda has recently released very funky ice-cream flavours, just in time for summer. Their Unicorn ice-cream consists of sweet strawberry ice-cream, swirled with flavours of candy floss, and sprinkled with tasty mini sugar unicorns and delicious sauces. We’re convinced there’s a little bit of magic in there too. Perfect for kids, or really cool adults, it’s made to be enjoyed from a cone or as a crucial component to any ice-cream masterpiece. Either way, it makes a great post-summer day treat.

Are you Summer Ready?

This is just a snapshot of some of the great products recently release in your favourite stores, ready to make this year’s summer a great one. Those mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg; representing a whole range of products that will be an essential addition to your summer shopping list to ensure that you are summer ready!