Online actionable insight

Online actionable insight

Continuous Improvement Projects in Confectionary

BrandNudge is an on-line analytics platform, created in partnership to provide actionable insights for brands to grow market share in digital channels. Data from BrandNudge is stored in our data lake (Snowflake) and combined with EPOS data to allow us to analyse all aspects of brand performance.
As part of our continuous improvement process, we identified an opportunity to generate GEO availability and distribution insights.

Still in POC stage, BrandNudge have created GEO distribution and availability alerts for gains / losses for key manufacturers within UK confectionary manufacturers. Data from selected stores across London will allow us to quickly identify when brand assortments are increasing / decreasing, generating prioritised alerts and actions for field teams.


  • Still at POC stage, however this unique market capability allows field teams to become more dynamic within the convenience sector
  • Still at POS stage, however we will be able to create ‘HIT Squad’ field teams that can visit a highlighted geography to maximise sales opportunities for Ferrero