Delivering Actionable Insight

Delivering Actionable Insights

Maximising brand impact at shelf

Kellogg’s approached us to help them understand how their share of shelf had been impacted in Sainsbury’s. They had 2 x key objectives, firstly to understand how their share of shelf had been impacted across the COVID period by competitor sales teams. Secondly, they had reached an agreement with the retailer to increase share of shelf and wanted to understand their base position across all stores.

We created a POC in partnership with Kellogg’s to train the system on 262 cereal products ranged within JS stores, setting the accuracy expectation high at 95% to ensure credibility in the data outputs. A total of 107 individual planograms were obtained from the retailers HO and pushed into he AI software to allow us to track compliance to plan as well as share of space. EPOS data was also utilised to understand the impact between space and sales.

Our teams conduct weekly visits across the Sainsburys estate on behalf of Kellogg’s, so we simply asked the team to capture images when in store as an additional objective for the week in question.


  • Image recognition identified low levels of compliance across the Sainsbury’s estate – 49% store compliance and 61% Kellogg’s compliance vs. agreed HO plans
  • Kellogg’s share of shelf 19.9% vs. agreed plans of 24% – significant space under trade driven by competitor activity
  • Direct correlation identified (chart below) between sales volume and facings Kellogg’s SKUs, which identified LSV for Kellogg’s and retailer from share of shelf issues
  • Kellogg’s utilised this data as part of the JBP negotiations to expand share of shelf significantly at Oct ‘21 range event