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Services we use to deliver retail excellence

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What we use

In order to achieve the best results for our clients, we sought out the best possible solutions in three main areas;

EPOS data, data capture & delivery of retail execution

Built especially for Tactical Solutions’ services, TS Eye and Drive are examples of software which assist with visualising sales and performance of each store. TS Eye for data and Drive for sales call process, both solutions make looking after the intrinsics of your each and its performance, clear and efficient. Natural Insight, on the other hand, provides cloud-based software enabling us to improve field based execution, manage the distributed workforce, assign and manage work, verify completion and compliance as well as collect and report in ‘real’ time.

Introducing TSeye

Our bespoke TS Eye software uses live store data that we monitor, allowing us to see how each of our client’s products are performing at both store and stock keeping unit (SKU) Level.

TS Eye software is Tactical Solutions bespoke software providing structured data analysis specifically designed for Field Sales. It leverages powerful visual analytics providing easy to read dashboards, producing reports that direct us to store at the right time and allow us to pinpoint the issue or issues at sku level.

TS Eye has been developed and evolved to give us full visibility of in store ‘issues’ by analysing electronic point of sale (EPOS) data that is the freshest available. We are therefore able to monitor exceptions including, non-selling days, stock file errors, under performing skus, promotional compliance and wastage

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Introducing Drive

Drive is the purpose built tablet software designed by Tactical Solutions and our IT partners Polymorph Ltd. Drive is far more than just a data collection tool

This bespoke tablet software, specifically conjured with Tactical Solutions in mind, facilitates our Sales Manager’s sales opportunities in store. Through this software, our sales team have a full visual of the store; including promotional actions that are required as well as those that have already been implemented.

Our head office arms the device with impactful sales aids, including content such as TV adverts, performance statistics, and promotional activity to fully utilise sale opportunities where possible. Data from our TS Eye software can also be integrated seamlessly with this application.

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Introducing Natural Insight

Our latest technological venture

Natural Insight is a relatively new bit of tech for Tactical Solutions, but its helpful features and software broadens the possibilities in each store.

Using cloud-based software, Natural Insight provides an intiuative and dynamic framework to each call, controlling requirements of each question of the call and hence ensuring robust results from data collection right through to live reporting dashboards.

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