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Building on skills and knowledge to further your career

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Using Learning & Development to help you reach your full potential.

We have a National Training Manager who provides in-house training, which will help you develop your skills.

Learning & Development is important to us as it creates a learning culture and helps individuals reach their full potential. We have a National Training Manager that works with both our Office Teams & Field Teams to provide in-house training. Over the years, we have developed training programmes so that employees understand every part of their role and they are fully supported in learning the role.

Our Learning & Development Programme

Each role is very different at Tactical Solutions, but most of the time, each new employee will undertake steps from our 4-stage training programme.

Online Modules

Meet & Greet

Field Accompaniment

Department Insight

Online Modules

Complete training modules on our bespoke training platform.

All our employees are given access to our online bespoke training platform called TS Academy. New starters will complete modules that are tailored to their new role. To keep up to date with the latest training, further modules will be added as and when additional training is required. The training modules will strengthen your skills and knowledge, which will help you perform in your role.

Meet & Greet

We will introduce you to our friendly team at the office who will give you a warm welcome.

Our head office is key to everything we do, so we like to make sure our new starters know exactly who they are talking to, and that they can put a face to the name. We will take you around the office where our friendly team will introduce themselves and give you a warm welcome.

Field Accompaniments

Learn what our Field Sales Representatives do in store.

Our Field Sales Representatives play an important role in how they increase sales in store. We feel it is important for our new starters to know our processes and understand what we do in store. During your induction week you will meet a member of our existing field team and spend a day with them in store.

You will get to see firsthand what our Field Sales Representative do in store and get time to ask questions.

Department Insight

Learn what each department does for the company.

We are all one team at Tactical Solutions, so we like for our new starters to meet the different departments in our head office. Each department will dedicate time to explain what their roles and responsibilities are, which will give you good insight to what their department does in the company.

This will benefit new starters as they will get a better understanding about how the company works and will know what departments they will need to contact which will help them in their role.

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