Technology Solutions for Enhancing Retail Store Operations

28 Jul,2023

Over the last 20 years, modern technology has leaped forwards, with game-changing advances being made across all industries. This means that any successful business model needs to incorporate similar technological methods into their field marketing campaigns – particularly if you want to capitalise on your in-store retail operations. 

Getting the right business support to position your brand within the ever-changing market is the key to your success, and Tactical Solutions are here to help you with this. However, before you decide to work with us and make good use of our business support, you’ll likely feel the need to learn more about how our innovative technology works. 

A successful retail operation is a bit like a puzzle – every piece needs to fit just right. By understanding our technology and how it can effectively be implemented with the different solutions we provide, you can ensure your retail operations truly excel. Not only will our services help you to successfully change your income generation strategy, but you’ll also improve your day to day operations based on real time data received from our tech solutions.

This guide should give you the knowledge needed to understand how our data-led solutions can be incorporated into your business, ensuring your brand has the competitive edge.

Once you’re ready to start using our advanced technology within your retail operations management, please contact our experienced team and we’ll get the process started.


Our Data & Tech

At Tactical Solutions, we’ve created a vast array of new technology solutions, which we use within our field marketing campaigns to ensure maximum efficiency across the board. 

Every service we offer is linked to our hand-crafted digital technology solutions, providing a personalised experience for every brand that signs up with us.

Find out more about our current data and tech solutions here.


Reapp: Innovative Technology in One Handy Package

Reapp is a portmanteau of the words retail and app – put simply, it’s an app that our overarching company, the Dee Set Group, has created to manage the retail operations of the brands we support. Reapp gives you everything you need to capitalise on your marketing campaigns, boosting your offline sales as part of the process.

Reapp is an extremely useful piece of kit, designed to give you real-time insights into your field marketing campaigns, enabling you to hit all your sales goals. This software will make your business operations effortless, using razor sharp, predictive insights to ensure ultimate success and an exceptional customer experience. When you use our Reapp technology for your brand, you’ll get fast insights and automated reports that you can then use within your campaign strategy to boost your business further.


Our Advanced Analytics Technology

One of the most important aspects of using Reapp is its advanced analytics capabilities. The app obtains data from multiple sources, providing accurate results and insights so that you can make informed decisions about the future of your business. Retail trends can be collated and assessed, identifying future sales opportunities and highlighting potential problems before they occur. 

You’ll get your own personal dashboard when you use Reapp, which can be tailored and customised to your individual requirements, streamlining your output during the process.


How Does Reapp’s Data Analytics Tech Work?

If you want to create a successful brand, keeping your data fresh is key. At Tactical Solutions, we’re experts at utilising AI and machine learning through the use of our core technology, Reapp. We can improve your brand’s availability, sales and exposure through the use of this fantastic innovative technology, providing you with instant data on the go.

We use the latest T5 EPOS data to do this, as well as metadata sources and convenience distribution. This means that we can use a variety of sources to monitor your performance, as well as identifying areas in which standards are dropping. Supply chain insights and track in-store scorecards can also be used with Reapp and our data analytics technology. 

We can instantly identify developing problems and deliver fast interventions to fix them, before the negative impacts of these issues have been felt. It’s important to get these interventions carried out as quickly as possible, which is only possible through the use of our Reapp technology.


Innovative Performance Solutions

Reapp can be used with most of our promotional solutions, as it has a wide range of features. Our performance software provides quick sales and stock insights, which can be sent to our mobile enabled field sales team in order to make any interventions that may be needed. We use next level AI technology to check shelf stock levels and identify potential issues to solve them as quickly as possible. This also ties into our image recognition tech, which can capture in-store data before being fed back into our Reapp Analytics software. 

Reapp’s performance software also has numerous image recognition capabilities, creating an immersive experience that will allow you to see everything you need to create the perfect retail experience.

By using our state-of-the art Reapp device and image recognition services (complete with agile cloud-based technology), you can receive up to date reports about what’s happening to specific products in a store of your choosing. Insights can be gleaned from the newest EPOS data and image mapping via the use of Reapp, providing concrete data about the performance of your products.


How Does Reapp’s Image Recognition Software Work?

Our image recognition software is used through Reapp, working in an easy and efficient way to highlight gaps on the shop floor and distribution, as well as missed sales opportunities. This means we can spend more time on our high value interventions, leaving the menial work to our image recognition technology.

Reapp instantly gathers images in-store, before processing the data into an easy to digest report. This process creates a seamless experience that makes the insights provided by the app much easier to understand.

Some of the key benefits of using our image recognition technology include:

  • Stock availability can be monitored easily, allowing you to reorder products instantly when stock levels drop.
  • Compliance checking is made much easier and is quicker to conduct
  • Your share of space can be easily monitored, allowing you to check whether you need more space for your products on store shelves
  • Keeping on top of what your competitors are doing is extremely important for any business. Our technology means that you can create a benchmark against competing businesses, allowing you to stay ahead of current market trends.
  • Retailer adherence and promotion compliance can be checked, which is particularly important if you’re unsure of how retail shop staff deal with your products and offers.
  • Image recognition technology allows you to react to any stocking trends on a real-time basis – whether that’s on a hyper-local, regional or national scale.

Our image recognition technology constantly changes as it absorbs and reacts to changes within the retail industry, always keeping you up to date with the latest news. It’s particularly useful for planogram compliance, empty shelf detection and product audits, although this technology can also be used for a number of other solutions.

To find out how our image recognition software can be successfully used within your business, get in touch with our dedicated team today.


A Unique Retailer Rewards Platform

Reapp also works with our Retailer Reward platform, which is a new form of cutting-edge technology that collects data directly from your distributors and your product and category distribution reports. 

Our Reapp Rewards solution can also be tailored individually to your brand, allowing us to fine-tune the service to meet your specific needs and requirements.

An in-depth and rounded view of customer behaviour and distribution levels can then be gleaned from our image recognition technology, allowing you to make accurate predictions for future stock levels and demand. This makes our Retailer Reward platform extremely useful when used with our Distribution & Contract Packing solution.


How is Reapp Used With Our Retail Store Operations?

At Tactical Solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering a range of modern technology solutions that can help your brand make its name within a wide range of retail stores. Our main goal is to provide business support for all the brands that use us, no matter whether you’re classed as a start-up or a larger business. 

Reapp is an amazing piece of kit, suitable for use with most of the services we offer. It can be used to enhance your in-store operations, providing sharp insights into the performance of your products.

The main areas our Reapp tech can be used to enhance your retail store operations are:

Each service Tactical Solutions provides uses our advanced Reapp technology to create greater brand visibility, whatever retail store you choose to sell your products in. To get the best results, a combination of our key business services and tech should be used in tandem. 

However, some solutions will suit different purposes and needs within the retail industry, so a detailed plan should be created and researched before committing to one of our core services. 

Each service we offer will be tailored directly to your brand, designed to get the maximum results and increase your overall profit and turnover.

If you’re not sure which solutions should be integrated into your business operations, or you’re not sure how to put your plan into action, Tactical Solutions will be able to help. We will carry out all the hard work for you, allowing you to get on with other tasks.

If you’d like to discuss this further with a member of our team about our services, please chat with us now.


Data Led Calls

One major area in which we use our advanced Reapp technology is with our data led calls. At Tactical Solutions, we love crunching numbers and data, using them during every step of our retail operations.

Whilst we put in a lot of effort outside physical stores, we also have our own retail teams in the field, working hard to analyse your in-store performance. Our Brand Champions use our Reapp tech to gain greater insights about the status of your products in the retail environment. By attending each location in person, we can truly oversee your retail operations, making much needed interventions along the way.

On our data led calls, we can also check that your in-store displays are being utilised correctly, in order to gain greater visibility and sales for your items. This links in with our promotion compliance and distribution solutions, as we can check and improve the status of your in-store displays, to ensure they have the greatest possible impact on shoppers. Poorly designed/erected promotional displays can also have a negative effect, as they may be off-putting and inhibit the customer experience. This is just one way in which we can use Reapp with data led calls to benefit your brand.

Our Brand Champions are highly trained in all aspects of the retail sales business, able to help you with all your in-store queries. They’ll use our advanced technology devices to carry out checks and obtain important data, before creating in-depth reports that we can then use to further your strategy. Our Brand Champions can also conduct full store audits and POS installation – once we’ve collected the data/images and analysed the evidence, we can then use our handy Reapp tool to get the job done.

This technology is the real backbone of our business – this combination of our Brand Champions and Reapp will help you to find the perfect solution for your retail operations. 


NPD Launch & Product Reset

Launching a new product is one of the most important times for a business, so it’s crucial that you ensure nothing goes wrong. However, if you’re new to the world of retail operations, or your business has only recently been incorporated, it can be hard to know where to start. It’s easy to get things wrong when you’re not used to the product launching process, which is where Tactical Solutions comes in.

At Tactical Solutions, we use data-led analysis taken from our own Reapp solution to figure out how to launch products effectively, helping you to effectively corner the market. We understand that every brand is unique – as such, different products will require different solutions, but that’s something we can definitely handle.

As well as our NPD launch solutions, we also offer a product reset service, if you’re thinking about relaunching some of your existing products. Perhaps the item in question has been selling poorly, or maybe you’ve created a new design that you’d like to market. Whatever the reason for choosing to reset the item, we’ll be able to help you with the use of our modern Reapp solution.

Whether you’re launching a new product or simply resetting an old one, there are some things you’ll need to think about:

  • The visibility and placement of your product
  • The timing of your launch
  • The availability of stock upon launch
  • What promotions you’d like to offer as part of your launch
  • The cost of your new product and how competitive it is

We’ll consider your KPIs, goals, aims and anything else you need to consider as part of your new launch, crunching the numbers with our extremely talented tech services. Our fantastic Reapp device can analyse and source EPOS and POS points, tailoring handmade solutions to ensure you conduct the best product launch possible. 

However, we won’t just finish when your launch has been completed. Instead, our Brand Champions will use our other services (such as our data led calls) to ensure stability and sales within the current brand market, making interventions as soon as they’re needed. We’ll create informative reports and data analytics using our innovative Reapp tech to keep you as involved as possible, taking the hard work out of your hands.

If you’d like to speak to us further about launching a new product or resetting a previously launched product, please make an online enquiry with our helpful team today.


Product Recalls

Recalling a product is never easy, particularly if you think it may lead to negative connotations of your brand. Your reputation could be on the line if an issue arises that results in a product recall, especially if the product line is not recalled quickly enough. However, product recalls are necessary in some situations – particularly if the product in question is being recalled due to safety concerns. 

However, there’s nothing to worry about when you use Tactical Solutions to shelve your items, as we will ensure we get the process completed as quickly as possible. Our team is extremely quick to handle situations like this, and we are experienced at handling every possible product recall situation you can imagine. Recalling your products quickly and taking responsibility for the incident may even increase customer perception of your brand.

We will use our state of the art Reapp technology to assess the situation, gaining real-time insights as quickly as possible. We’ll complete the full testing process for you, right down to the evaluation and examination stages. We’ll then provide you with a full report created by our number crunching tech, giving you live updates at every step of the journey.

Once we’ve completed this work, we can then make a full assessment of the situation and work out whether the product in question can be re-released into physical stores in the future. 


Store Audits & Retail Audits

Retail/store audits are important for any brand selling their products in a retail environment, as they allow you to understand more about what’s actually happening in-store.

Our technology is key to conducting our retail/store audits, as it allows us to gain valuable insights into how your products are performing, as well as whether any interventions are needed. By gathering data in this way, we can retain information about POS compliance, store standards and competitor behaviour, before using this knowledge to improve the perception and status of your products. 

Our incredibly accurate data analytics are sourced from technological solutions such as Reapp, using POS and EPOS image recognition technology. This technology allows us to monitor things such as pricing consistency, planogram compliance and product availability from remote locations, providing you with instantaneous data reports. 

We can use Reapp’s performance software to ensure that your pricing and promotions are consistent and compliant across all the stores you utilise, as well as checking that your brand standards are maintained across each location.

Both your store presence and customer engagement should be positively impacted as a result of our retail/store audits. Understanding the in-store process also allows you to learn more about the status of your brand and products, so you can gain a competitive edge over your rivals. We use a range of cutting-edge data insights and technology to complete this work, alongside in-store visits from our Brand Champions.


Transform Your Brand, One Solution at a TIme

The world of retail operations can be difficult to manage for any brand, particularly if you’re fairly new to the industry. There are so many different things you need to keep on top of, and it can be hard to find the time, particularly if you’re not that familiar with the latest tech.

If you’re struggling to use modern technology within your retail operations management, let us shelve your doubts. At Tactical Solutions, we have an impressive array of innovative technological solutions and services, which can be used within just about any aspect of the field marketing industry.

We believe that our technology can be used to revolutionise the retail industry, and we’re here to show you how to do it.

It’s never too late to get started on the Tactical Solutions journey – all you need to do is contact us and we’ll get the ball rolling.