What is Flexx? – Flexible Field Sales

9 Aug,2018

At Tactical Solutions, we can match the right team to support our Clients with their promotions – including using our ‘Flexx’ team, the most flexible field sales solution.

The first thing you might ask is, “What is Flexx?”. Flexx is Tactical Solution’s part time & temporary workforce.

Our aim at Tactical Solutions is to go MAD (Make a Difference) for our Clients. We can do this through a number of ways, including through FLEXX, allowing Clients a more flexible solution to their Field Sales.


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Flexx allows Clients to be more flexible with their calls timelines, days of the week calls can be completed and much more!


what can we do


In our Flexx Team, there are many different services that we can offer our Clients. Below are just to name a few:

  • Merchandising
  • Siting FSDUs & POS
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Sampling & Product Demonstrations
  • Trade Days
  • Planogram Compliance
  • Product Purchasing
  • & Much Much More!


how do we do it


It’s Simple. Establish your brief with our Sales Team, and determine the Store List and Dates, and we will do the rest.

Once that has been established, we will then post your job on our Flexx website where our temporary workforce will be able to accept each call and let us know when they will be likely to complete this call. Our Flexx Office Team will then prepare your brief into a format for our Flexx Field Team to view, and the calls will be undertaken during the identified time frame. Results are completed using our FLEXX APP, which is available on the Android and iOS Store. And finally, once the results are completed, our designated Business Insight Team will collate the data and produce campaign reports.


Flexx tech


Following recent investment, Flexx is powerful tool which allows our flexible field sales team to complete question matrix on their Mobile Phone or Tablets, as well as using our Web Portal System.

The Client’s call requirements will be agreed with our Sales Team, and following on from this, our team will design a set of questions to mirror the requirements and get the best possible outcome from the field.

Questions can be grouped, and logic can be applied to questions whereby certain questions will only be answered depending on the response of the previous questions. The Flexx system allows for numerous types of questions, ranging from, photo, text, number, multi select, and date.

Calls can be completed on Android, iOS devices or via the Web. Our simple design allows each call to be completed with ease, and workers always have access to their briefs in case they ever get stuck!

Our Back Office allows us to manage each campaign very seamlessly. We will track call completion, quality check our results, and quickly act on any problems that workers face.


call us now


If Flexx is something that can help transform your sales, let us go MAD for you by contacting our Sales Team.

phone – 01244 289164 (Option 1)

email 1 – sales@tactical-solutions.co.uk


Date Posted: 09/08/2018