What to take to University – The Checklist

11 Sep,2019

[lead]Back in July, we had a look at what the build-up to Fresher’s week did to sales in the grocery sector.[/lead]

Now, as that time approaches and nerve begin to rise, Tactical is here to give you a general idea of all the essentials you are going to need in preparation for the big move.

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September is a stressful time for a lot of people! As mentioned in our Back 2 University blog, we mentioned how University Checklists are a common occurrence around this time as they’re a great way to provide a helping hand to those stressed-out students, worrying about what to take with them on their new adventure.

For grocers, it’s also a great way to infiltrate the trends and advertise the wide range of products that they offer at our convenience. Many grocers are going to be playing on the needs of the new student who will be after cheap and cheerful deals, bulk buying and robust products that can withstand student life. In terms of the offers we’ll be seeing around this time,  we see an influx of multipacks and as well as not to be missed sales and promotions.

As a company who is acquainted with the grocer and retail industry, we thought we’d create a list that will send you in the right direction when it comes to doing the big shop – making things quick and easy so new students can focus more time on getting exciting for this big adventure, and less time stressing about what to take.

Homey Essentials

For some, moving away from home for the first time can be a daunting and nerve-wracking experience. By filling your new university digs with little homely touches, creating a cosy space where you can feel safe and calm is easily done. You can find fun and affordable home furnishings from your favourite grocer, allowing you to spruce up your dorm with splashes of your personality without blowing your student budget. Here are some of our personal favourites!

Cacti Fairy Lights – £6 Asda

Battery-powered fairy lights make any room nice and cosy without running up an electric bill.

fairy lights cacti uni checklistImage Retrieved from Asda

Reversible Bed Covers – Now £8 Asda

Reversible bed sheets add some style and flair to your University room, whilst allowing you to feel comfy and at home.

bed covers asda checklistImage Retrieved Asda

Alpaca Plant Pot – £3.99 Lidl

Adding plants here and there add a nice homey feel, as well as give you the chance to practice looking after something other than yourself.

lidl plant llama potImages Retrieved Lidl


Depending on your accommodation, your big shop may also require a haul of which consists of everything you’ll need to make your three meals a day. Many grocers that take advantage of the Back to University season will offer a great range of kitchen essentials. Just like Back to School uniforms; kitchen bits and bobs like pots, pans and trays not only have to be cheap and cheerful, but robust and able to survive in a student house. Depending on your needs, ‘kitchen stuff’ can be quickly struck off the list with reasonably priced bundle packs. Here’s what we found.

Non-Stick Aluminium Pans Set of 3 – £17.99 Asda

Bundles of pots and pans come in handy, as they give you a variety of size all in one purchase.

pots pans kitchen essentialImage Retrieved from Asda

Wooden Utensils 8pk – £2.49 B&M

Again with the handy bundle packs – get all the utensil essentials in one quick purchase.

wooden spoons bm checklistImages Retrieved from B&M

Novelty Mugs – From £2.50 Asda

Always handy when you need a coffee during those late nights of studying!

novelty mug asda checklist e1568191910704Image Retrieved from Asda

Lecture Must-haves

Amongst the moving, organising and fresher’s week excitement, the academic side of university always seems to take a back seat. With this said, purchases that will assist students in their studies should be a crucial part of the checklist. This includes backpacks, stationery and all-important tech. Thanks to the convenience of grocers, many of your checklist items can be found all under one roof – including pens, pencils and even laptops. And with Freshers just around the corner, that are some great deals out there which means essentials can be ticked off without breaking the bank. You just need to know where to look! Here are some of our picks.

A4 Project Book – £2.99 B&M

A lecture must-have; having a good notebook on hand means you’re always ready to take notes, ready for studying later.

yellow notebook bm checklistImage Retrieved from B&M

22L Black Backpack – £9.99 Lidl

Might take you back to your school days, but a backpack will make hauling all your books from lecture to lecture, that little bit easier!

black backpack lidl uniImage Retrieved from Lidl


Acer 14 HD Chromebook – £179.00 Lidl

A crucial accessory for University life that won’t break the budget.

laptop acer lidl checklistImage Retrieved from Lidl

Are you ready?

It’s a big shop for a big adventure, but staying smart whilst shopping and finding those great deals catered specifically for students will allow you to get everything you need without spending heaps. So, whether you pack light or you’re taking your whole life on the road, the most important thing is to make sure you feel settled, comfortable, and ready to start your next academic journey. Good luck!