Tactical’s December Round-Up

9 Jan,2020

[lead]The hustle and bustle of Christmas didn’t stop Tactical from cracking on with their work and achieving some great stuff in December.[/lead]

With that said, there were a few cheeky Christmassy celebrations along the way, so come and see exactly what we got up to in the month of December!

2nd December – We were featured in the FMBE Awards Magazine!


If you often keep up to date with our blog, you’ll know that we were nominated for an FMBE Award! Back in September, we announced that we had, in fact, won gold for our Field Data work with Quorn and were over the moon to see our hard work recognised! This month, Tactical was mentioned in FMBE’s annual magazine for our win, and we were once again filled with pride. For a little refresh of the fabulous awards night back in September, make sure to take a look at our blog post that covers the whole thing!

5th December – There was a late addition to our Favourite Retail Ad’s

hafods hardware christmas advert tactical

Back in November, we released a blog post which explored our office’s favourite Christmas Ad’s that had been released by well-loved retailers. We whittled it down to a Top 5 which we were pretty happy with. But then, Hafod Hardware released their Christmas Ad and well, it’s safe to say it blew our other list out the water. We all gathered to watch this latest release, and we’re not going to lie – there wasn’t a dry eye in the office. Click here to watch it for yourself!

11th December – Preparing for Chinese New Year!

chinese lantern new year e1578578401343

Here at Tactical, we like to keep up with all events throughout the year, especially those that impact our local retailers. In December, we highlighted the influence that Chinese New Year has on our favourite grocers with a snazzy infographic, as well as reminded everyone that it’s the first event of 2020’s Retail Calendar. If you’d like to know a bit more about Chinese New Year and the impact that it has on retail trends, be sure to check out our December blog post!

18th December – Tactical Christmas Buffet!

christmas food buffet tactical 1

As it was creeping closer and closer to Christmas, the Tactical team thought they needed a little break just to help them get into the Christmas spirit. And what’s the best way to do that? By filling your belly with lots of delicious food of course! So that’s exactly what we did during our Christmas buffet where we munched on some mince pies, devoured some sausage rolls and washed it all down with some mulled wine. Well, twas’ the season for it.

19th December – Tactical’s Favourite Blogs of 2019

blogging blur business communication 261662 1

Just before we flitted off to celebrate Christmas, we rounded up all of our favourite blog posts from 2019. From Tactical news to innovations within the trending environmental discourse, we put out some top-notch content throughout 2019! We like to keep on top of things here at Tactical, and this also goes for our blog. We like to fill our blog with current and trendy content, all whilst keeping to Tactical’s style. Make sure to keep up with our blog to catch all our latest articles, click here to start reading!

And that was December! Here’s to a great 2020 for Tactical Solutions, and we’ll see you at the end of January.