Enhancing Shopper Engagement with Shopper Insights

22 Nov,2023

If you’re serious about your brand and would like to improve customer engagement, shopper insights are the way forward. They’re not just data – they’re the golden ticket to success in the modern business landscape. 

As well as providing a range of data-driven insights about the behaviour of your customers, shopper insights can improve the overall customer experience, enhancing customer loyalty along the way.

At Tactical Solutions, we’re experts in the world of field marketing, utilising our cutting-edge data and tech to supercharge your brand’s performance.

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Decoding shopper insights

If you’re interested in using analytics to improve customer engagement, your journey should begin with shopper insights. But first, what exactly do we mean by this? 

Essentially, shopper insights are a treasure trove of data, gained from a number of metrics. These insights equip brands with the knowledge to enhance their future marketing campaigns, so if you don’t leverage them, your performance on the shelves could very well be taking a hit and not clearing as fast as it could. 

Metrics to measure through shopper insights

  • Customer behaviour Unveiling the hows and whys that factor into the purchasing decisions of your customer base is paramount for success. This includes things such as purchase history and dwell times.
  • Customer demographics and profiling – Knowing your audience inside and out is an important aspect of empowering your brand, allowing you to tailor your products towards those most likely to buy them.
  • The customer journey – Analysing the customer journey enables you to identify and fix any roadblocks in the path, creating a smoother sales pipeline.
  • Conversion rate – Intricately connected with the customer journey, working out what’s hindering your traffic from converting will naturally push more sales.
  • Sales and promotional performance – Learning which retail promotions work and which don’t is the key to improving your future marketing strategies.
  • Stock levels – As a customer, there’s nothing more frustrating than finding that your desired product is out of stock. Effectively managing your stock levels is a surefire way to ensure customer loyalty, reducing the temptation for visitors to dive into the arms of your rivals.

This is just a tiny fraction of the vital customer engagement metrics you can dissect to enhance the customer experience. The data-driven insights you gain are not just boring statistics – they’re weapons that can be wielded to steer your brand on the path to victory.

In essence, shopper insights are the secret sauce to your success.

Elevate customer engagement with bold shopper insights

Shopper insights are a real game-changer, giving you the tools needed to effectively increase customer engagement for your brand. 

By diving into the needs, desires, and aspirations of your customers, you can forge greater connections with your target market, boosting both customer loyalty and brand engagement.

Curious about how actionable shopper insights can supercharge your brand’s customer engagement? You’ve come to the right place!

Revitalise the customer journey

Let’s make one thing clear: Your customers are the key to your success, and keeping them happy should be your number-one priority. 

After all, without customers, your business would never get off the ground in the first place.

When using data analytics to improve customer engagement, the customer journey takes centre stage. If the path to your products is complicated, poorly signposted and hard to follow, you’re essentially guiding potential customers towards your competitors. However, if you simplify the customer journey, you will naturally increase customer engagement with your brand.

This is where shopper insights really shine. By analysing the route your customers take when purchasing your products, you can highlight any bumps in the road, ensuring a clear and straightforward path for all. Armed with this data, you can fine-tune your promotions and product placement strategy, expertly guiding shoppers toward the end goal.

Cutting-edge insights about dwell times and the natural flow of traffic in-store will help you to spot issues and highlight customer pain points. Once the data has been analysed, you can deploy eye-catching displays units and branding that will pull the attention of all onlookers, making your items more attractive. 

This isn’t just about creating a formidable customer engagement strategy; it’s also about enhancing the customer experience, fostering long-term loyalty and satisfaction for your customer base. 

Unearth your target audience

Enhancing the customer journey is only half the battle in an effective customer engagement strategy – you also need to define who your target audience is. After all, how can you improve the customer pathway if you don’t know who your customers are?

Now, for this, you’ll benefit from a data-led approach. For a start, you’ll find the insights gained from shopper research invaluable in helping you understand your customer base – be it those browsing your online store or walking the aisles of the supermarket. As well as helping you to better target the right demographics, data analysis can also identify which products resonate most with them. 

Our advanced data analytics tools enable you to uncover crucial information about what your customers are searching for and buying. In turn, this allows you to allocate your resources more effectively, directing more attention to underperforming promotions, as well as amplifying what works. This approach ensures that your product offerings always align with the desires of your customers, increasing engagement and conversions.

Essentially, using analytics to improve customer engagement allows you to strike your audience at their core, channelling your efforts towards visitors most likely to connect with your brand. 

A customer service revolution

With so many shopping options available in the modern world, today’s customers are savvy and discerning. This means that every item you create enters a high-stakes battle to compete against your competitors. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find new ways to attract traffic.

But how do you do this? The answer lies in two words: Customer service.

Creating a customer-centric shopping experience is a potent tool for boosting customer engagement, as well as fortifying retention and customer satisfaction. Shopper insights can help you soar above your rivals, making your products the only option available in the minds of your customers.

Implementing a data-driven approach is your compass for navigating the world of customer service. By discovering what your customers want and when they want it, success will be within your grasp within no time. Shopper insights can be harnessed from customer feedback, which can then be infused into your marketing strategy to strengthen existing shopper relationships. 

For instance, when analysing customer data, you can uncover the offers and promotions that resonate the most, putting more focus into successful winning strategies. You could also consider implementing in-store loyalty schemes and granting discounts for regular patrons on staple products or the items they love the most. If a cherished holiday season for your target market is coming up, you can provide discounts on relevant items, backed by compelling promotional campaigns.

The better your customer service, the more likely people are to engage with you, returning to your products time and time again.

Shopper insights: A game-changing tool for customer engagement

Shopper insights are a tantalising prospect, creating an analytical solution that relies on cold, hard facts – instead of outdated guesswork. With this data-driven approach, you’re not just increasing customer engagement; you’re also enhancing customer service, boosting your sales and perfecting the customer journey.

However, if you’re not used to the data analytics game, it can seem daunting at first. Fear not though, because Tactical Solutions is here to help. 

As trailblazers in the world of field marketing, we’re your trusted companions, armed with our ingenious data and tech. Our cutting-edge solutions and data-powered strategies are perfect for any brand wanting to gain victory in the retail arena, catapulting you to the very top of the game.

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